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Auto Accident Massage

Massage for Auto Accident Injuries

If you have been in an automobile accident, your doctor may prescribe massage as part of your treatment plan. Massage can address the stress that goes with a traumatic event like a car accident, and it can help address many of the sprains, strains, and other injuries common in a motor vehicle accident (or MVA, an acronym you may encounter on insurance and other forms).

Common Injuries

The most common injuries due to auto accidents that we see in our practice are:

  • whiplash
  • low-back pain
  • myofascial pain
  • headaches
  • shoulder sprain/strain
  • cervical sprain/strain
  • thoracic sprain/strain
  • lumbar sprain/strain

Treatment Protocol

Typically, the goals of massage therapy in injury recovery are to:

  • reduce stress
  • reduce pain and swelling
  • improve circulation
  • improve range of motion

Immediately after a car accident, massage therapy can help you recover by helping to restore balance to your autonomic nervous system – i.e., the relaxation benefits of massage can help reverse the effects that the shock and trauma of a car wreck can have on your nervous system. Massage also promotes circulation of both blood and lymph, which can help manage the swelling (edema) that usually comes with auto accident injuries. During the sub-acute stage (a few days to a few weeks, or even longer, after the accident), massage can help maintain and improve range of motion and may help prevent the formation of scar tissue and other myofascial adhesions. Later in your recovery, orthopedic massage can address specific musculoskeletal injuries like whiplash, neck pain, back pain, headaches, shoulder sprains/strains, etc.

No two car accidents are the same, and everyone responds differently, so we always adapt treatments to your unique needs. Many factors (the severity of the accident, the extent and nature of your injuries, your daily activities, etc.) affect your recovery, and I account for these factors in your care.


          Injuries due to an auto accident can be serious, and new symptoms may emerge after you have been referred to me for massage. If you need care beyond what we can provide, we maintain a large network of medical doctors, osteopaths, physical therapists, psychotherapists, and other health care practitioners, as well as personal injury attorneys. We are always happy to make referral recommendations based on your unique needs.


          What is MedPay? A type of auto insurance covering medical expenses resulting from an accident for the policyholder and any passengers riding with the policyholder. MedPay also covers the policyholder for any accident in which he is a pedestrian. MedPay provides coverage regardless of who is at fault. Most drivers do have Medpay coverage.

          How do I find out if I have Med Pay coverage? If you are the driver check with your auto insurance agent. If you were a passenger check with the insurance agent of the driver of the vehicle you were a passenger of. For both examples the fault of the driver/responsible party does not matter; MedPay should always be used from the vehicle you in. If another party is at fault your insurance company (or the insurance company of the driver of your vehicle) will subrogate with the responsible parties insurance company to recoup their expenses.

          Do I need a doctor's referral for Massage Therapy? Yes. Your Medical Doctor, Osteopathic Doctor or Doctor of Chiropractic can provide a referral for care so long as care is medically necessary - which will be determined by the doctor upon examination.

          If I want to just come to Duncan Chiropractic Health Center for massage therapy do I also have to be treated by Dr. Duncan with Chiropractic care? No, you do not. You can seek only massage care if you are not comfortable receiving chiropractic care. Although we know that chiropractic care is necessary after most traumatic injuries and extremely beneficial for our patients we would never force a patient to receive care they were uncomfortable with. In this instance a referral from a MD or DO would be suitable.

          How is billing to MedPay handled; am I responsible to submit the bills? No, we will handle the billing for you. Most LMT's, that are not associated with a medical practice, are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with handling the billing on behalf of their patients. We at DCHC have been billing for over 12 years and have no problems with submitting the proper billing forms and documentation to have your claims paid for by the MedPay insurance company. This means that you will not have to pay up front for your care and then wait to be reimbursed! All you need to do is focus on getting better!

Interested in scheduling auto accident related care? Give Sydney a call at the office and she will get everything all set up for you! 402-721-6372

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